Am I A Gamer?

Why Study Video Games?

Video games have become such a huge part of our society and especially my generation. Before taking this class, I honestly didn’t think my simple app games would be considered as “gaming.” Some of us may not realize it, but most if not all of us play games on our phones if not on a video game console. As I’ve learned in class the age of most frequent female game players are 44 years old and men 35 years old where 59% of the male population game and 41% of the female population game. To think that we’ve spent 23.5 billion just in the year of 2015 is crazy! So there has to be a reason why so many people are


into gaming whether it be to kill time and boredom to playing as a living. You never think that some people could make a living off of just simply playing a game, but we have well-known YouTubers who make a great deal just by commentary of a game or showing hints, tips, and tricks such as PewDiePie.

Upon entering the class, I never really had a huge interest in studying video games. It was never really something I spent hour doing. In another light, I have thought about learning how to design video games (all the characters and their movements, scenery, etc). I have heard that video game designers make a lot of money since video games are in such high demand and have never really stopped being in demand. I do find it interesting to see how video games have evolved over the years by becoming more interactive and more realistic. Speaking of realistic, we have the virtual glasses coming to a rise soon. I think that concept is crazy in itself to be so submerged into a game that you make yourself the character.

By the end of this class, I hope to learn more about designing video games or even app games and what that entails. To me that would be interesting to learn because without the designers, there would be no games!

– Abby Snyder


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