Gamer or Trainer?

The world of video gaming is so foreign to me, but to the rest of society, is just a way of life. Before starting this class, I thought video games were just that: games played on some sort of video format. My entire perception of video games have changed to now seeing my phone applications as video games or a simple game of solitaire being a game as well. In class we have been exploring this concept of why study video games? There are tons of reasons, but one stuck out to me when I took the class Communication Training last year. Games can be completely educational and fun all at the same time, which is why I think the big reason to study video games is to see how they can be used educationally and through training.

The term “gamification” is a relatively new term that I know we will touch on later, but it is relevant to why I believe we should study video games. I want to be a communication trainer post college and our generation right now cannot stand being lectured anymore because we are an experience economy. We need movement and activity, and video games give us that option to incorporate gaming into training.

The video above shows a hospital that is utilizing this gamification strategy by training their employees virtually. The game they created is a real life look on the hospital they work at, where they have to go through different scenarios and make the right choices to complete the training. This is something I would like to be involved in in the future!

From this class I hope to learn more about how designers make video games from an educational standpoint. For example, what are the core skills they utilize in the video games they create for training? So in the end, will you be a gamer or a trainer if you are using video game training methods?

-Audra Ortiz


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