Why I Study Games?

When I first found out about what this class was about I was nervous as to what exactly we would be learning and if I was going to enjoy the class. I was never a kid that played lots of video games growing up, we did have the Wii, an Xbox and now a Playstation. I think the only time I really played video games was when we had the Wii. We had games for both my brother and I. I loved being able to be up and active while playing the video game. I have been a dancer since I was two so being able to play a game standing up and moving was more appealing to me than sitting for hours playing a game.

One of the main reasons I am interested in this class and why I want to study games is because of graphics and visuals. I love creating new visuals whether they be graphics, dances, or pieces of art so I am really interested in looking at the way video games are created and hopefully learn more about it. I also am interested in seeing how graphics have changed over time and what new technology people use to make them and what the future is like for video game graphics. I like being able to looking at graphics from the start of video games and see how much they have improved. Like the picture below how much the Mario graphics have changed from 1985 to now, and the article below that talks about the future of graphics and what is to come.


The Future of Video Game Visuals

With this class I hope to build my understanding on video games and to be able to appreciate them more because I will be able to understand all the hours of work that went into making the game. I want to just understand them more because for someone who doesn’t play many video games they can be a little confusing. I also want to be able to use all the skills I have learn with my mass communication classes and put them to use in one class. For example I want to be able to use my blogging and social media skills along with my graphic design knowledge and use them in one project to explain a video game. If I am able to do that and do it well I will feel confident on using my skills in the real world.


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