The Rapid Surgence of a New Medium

The study of video games is imoportant because it is a hot topic as of recent years; and it is more obvious than ever that video games, as a medium of information, have arrived and are here to stay!


The frist the to look at when studying video games is how widespread its influence spans.  According to Forbes, just under 50% of adult americans in the United States play video games. A common misconception is that most “gamers” are typically men. This actually isnt the case, in the perecentages of men to women gamers is also just about 50%. If all these people are taking time to play video games there must be a massive amount of money being put into the industry and things only continue to get better with regard to graphics and storylines. Forbes article

Video games in their early years were very simple and thought of as quick (relatively)cheap entertainment with one goal, to provide the player with joy. As they have evolved things have become much more complex with the ultimate goal of the game involving several steps and levels to achieve the task. As they became more complex, more and more attention was paid to video games and brought about the lucrative benefits. Big corporations like Atari were built on the rapid popularity of video games.

When studying video games, it is important to remember that is largely debated whether or not video games are good for us or are harming us. A lot of speculation has been centered around the idea that our nation’s young people are retarding their own learning abilities by spending too much time sitting on Xbox or Play Station. Others will argue that it is actually enhancing the child’s ability to take in information. I believe the brain is just like any other muscle in the body. It must be constsantly worked out in order to grow with knowledge. The strategic aspect of a video game is instilling great attributes, such as determination and a will to stick with a task.

One thing i want to learn in this class is what exactly defines a video game? I gave my take in the discussion but i wasnt 100% clear exactly if what i was saying was exactly what i believe in. One other thing I would love to know is who are the individuals chosen to test new games and how lucrative of a career that is. It seems like a really cool job that someone would have no problem reporting for everyday.

In this class I hope to gain a better understanding of why we study video games. I want to know how this form of media has come so far so fast.


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