Can Gaming be activity?

                                                             Why Study Games??

I personally would not consider myself a professional or a hardcore player when it comes to video games. I do not feel like I constantly need to play them now, although I have always loved playing them when I was a kid. I have always been interested in learning more about video games, so when the topic was introduced, I felt like I could be very engaged when we discuss games in class. So why should we study video games?

In my opinion, I think that we should study games because today, video games are popular among many people, and I think that it is near impossible to completely ignore the topic. Video games have been around for several decades and have risen in popularity for many years, and still continue to. Just like new technology and digital media and smartphones, video games are a hot topic today.

According to the State of Play, video games used to be considered only a niche hobby for computer geeks and nerds, but today, they are an inseparable part of global popular culture (Goldberg & Larson 7). Video games are everywhere and the amount of job growth in the video game market is incredible.

The main reason that I am interested in studying video games is because of all of the benefits they could have for us. For example, a few of the specific video games that I like to play on my Wii at home are exercise and health games like Wii Sports, Just Dance, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and Zumba Fitness. I think that these kind of video games could have physical and mental health benefits because you would be getting exercise and enjoying the fun of an interactive video game at the same time.

One new and emerging trend that is being studied right now by medical professionals is called exergaming. The point of exergaming is to combine video games with workouts, and this could be made possible with video games that have digital sports and fitness activities like boxing, kung fu, biking, bowling, and dance software. “Nearly any exergame can help you get fit if you make an effort and “really work it,” says Bryan Haddock, a professor in the department of kinesiology at California State University.

If you want to read more about exergaming, check out this news article below:

The main thing that I hope to get out of this class is to better understand what makes video games so popular and how they are changing the market. I do not think that everyone understands why video games are so in demand and that this field of study is helping the job market. I am interested in studying video games because I think it is a important trending topic.

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