Video Games Are Inseparable

According to, The State of Play, video games “are an inseparable part of global popular culture” (Goldberg and Larsson, 7).


Video games are one of the up and coming media sources. I would like to study video games because it is a very profitable market. As a soon to be graduate student, I would liked to have a job right out of college. I believe that if I have experience with video games, companies may be more likely to hire me.

Video games are a fun, interactive way to enjoy entertainment. If something can be profitable but also fun at the same time, then why would one not want to expand their knowledge and study video games?

Throughout my life so far, I have not played very many video games. I have only played a couple random video games on my phone and I have played some video games with my brother growing up on his play station. After the first two weeks of class, I have realized that my idea of video games is very narrow considering how broad the video game industry is. We have already played a couple games in class that I did not even know were considered video games. For example, the video game called, “That Dragon, Cancer” and the video game that was strictly typing words and phrases to try and advance. It is the first two weeks and my horizon of video games has already become way broader.

Below is the article, “Level up! Video Game Industry Revenues Soar in 2015”. In this article, there are very surprising statistics as to how much revenue the video game industry makes. From 2014-2015 video game revenue has made a five percent increase. The revenue is going to be drastically larger as we are slowly approaching 2017.

“Level up! Video Game Industry Revenues Soar in 2015”:


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