What Videogames can do for us

Since gaming has become so prevalent in our society it has raised many questions. Is gaming connected to violence? Is too much gaming harmful? Does it stop children from other social activity? These all are very important questions that need answers and in order to get them we must study video games.

news1There have been multiple incidents in our nation that have led people to believe that video game violence has affected  our society. These type of thoughts and statements truly interest me, being a young adult who has played video games that can be seen as violent. I would love to learn more about the effects of playing video games ritually. Is there an effect? How substantial is it? These are questions I want to find out by the completion of this course. I feel that if video games can have potential to change people and make them desensitized to the idea of killing we as a society need to invest in the study of video games, for the safety of our people.

On a brighter note, video games can also be educational and assist in different life skills. For instance, some games you need to work as a team to succeed in the mission, in turn teaching the gamer key elements to being a team player. There are also games that make the user think, use problem solving and practical skills. I have also heard in the past that the reaction time of gamers can sometimes be effected by gaming. The quick movements on the controller can help with reaction time in the real world. Videogames cause users to make quick decisions, think critically, and make fast movements so when thinking about these aspects video gaming seems pretty beneficial to people. These are the type of things I would love to look at this semester. What weighs more the violence that is present in videogames or the effects that takes place thanks to these games such as enhanced reaction time, problem solving and team work. The article below has information that backs my previously made statements and also takes the side that video games can be beneficial to our society.


In closing, I feel that studying video games can be beneficial to our society. It will bring answers to the everlasting questions of horror behind videogames. It will also shine some light on the positive aspects of playing video games as well. Personally, I believe that studying videogames is a great idea. Technology has become so advanced that if videogames can be used to enhance our minds and bodies then we should embrace that. We already have built educational and health benefiting games so we know the power that video games have. We should continue to study the effects of this powerful tool and see what other benefits lie in the gaming world. By the end of this course I hope a lot of my head boggling questions are answered and I learn the negatives and positive of gaming.



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