Why Study Games?

Studying games provide the opportunity to understand the historical backgrounds of how games were developed. We can learn the parts that create a game and the requirements that determine whether something is a game or not. There is also the ability to see many different genres of games and to learn how games received their genres. Who decides that a certain game deserves a certain genre? What do the games have to compose of to be listed under particular genre? This like that are things most people don’t know or even think about. Games are a very popular part of the world. They generate most money in the economy. This was shocking to me because I never really understand how much money goes into the creation of a game. Studying games can provide us with a different perspective on games rather just being the gamer. We finally have the chance to look inside. As a child, I grew up playing many games. My first game was a Nintendo ’64 and I would play Donkey Kong all the time. It amazed me watching the pictures move on the screen and being able to control them. Then as I got older I got more into the PlayStation. I had PS1, PS2, and a PSP which was the portable option for playing video games on the go.  On PlayStation a played games like Tomb Raider, Sims Castaway, and much more. For me, video games became my way of escaping reality. I  have always been interested games and eager to play them, now I can learn more about them. One of the main reasons I find studying games so interesting is because I grew up playing videos and I finally have the chance to go back to my childhood.  It like a time lapse. Now that I am older,  I will be able to understand more of the background information  about the games not just the playing aspect of it. Most of all I hope to learn all the things it takes to create a video game, then I could create my own some day, which would be pretty awesome.

Evolution of PlayStations: http://www.cnet.com/news/evolution-of-the-playstation-console/


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