Why Study Video Games

Why Study Video Games


Why study video games? For me the answer is fairly simple. Video games are a digital art form that’s constantly evolving. Videos games are a very successful industry that I believe will go on forever. Furthermore, video games are extremely cool. From games played on a console, games played on a pc, to even mobile applications the video game culture is a very thrilling and profitable business.

When I had to decide on a major to study in college I choose mass communication because I live for good entertainment. If there is one thing I can say about video games it is that they are a very interesting and entertaining aspect of our time. I believe studying videos games will not only be fun for me, but it will be beneficial to my career in the long run. Leigh Alexander writes “For three decades or more, video games have been the most widespread form of children’s entertainment in the developed world.” 23.5 billion dollars was spent on video games in the year 2015 alone. Video games are the right field of media to get into.

I’ve only been studying video games for two weeks and I’ve already learned so much. Like video games are more than just entertainment, they are experiences too. For example, learning there are video games like The Dragon Cancer. That game is truly an experience. The creators developed a game to share the experience of raising a child with cancer. They used a video game to grieve and spread awareness. This in itself shows me that the video game culture is truly evolving. Video game genres are expanding. Who knows what video games can grow into in the next 5 years, in the next decade?

Video games are very complex. At the rate video games are emerging it is also beneficial that I study them now. This was my opportunity to gain knowledge on an expanding art form before it becomes too late to understand. With all the information I learned in only two weeks, I can’t imagine what I will learn after a semester. For me this is just the beginning video games are something I plan on studying as the culture continues to grow.



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