Why I study video games?

Why is it important for me to study video games? Well for one I am what some might call a gamer. I don’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t have a video game consol. I remember the days when I wanted to play with my aunt, uncle and older cousin’s video games and I use to sneak to play them. Them my dad bought a Nintendo which I could call my own . In my life I also owned a Sega dreamcast, and all of the Sony consoles. My favorite games on the out of all the consoles is marvel vs capcom 2 (mvc2) but I have played game from all genres. I like to play the old systems more than the new systems now because I have a new perspective on them since I am older. Also growing up I used a educational games that worked vermaxresdefaulty well for me. Carmen’s Sandiego games taught me things about geography that I still know to this day. How many people can say the can pin point every European and African country on a map. So the reason why I want to study games is because I genuinely have a

deep interest in it. It’s a big part of my life and anything that involves video games always been fun. Hopefully the classes are the same way.
What do I want to get out of studying video games? I want to understand the big riff about it. Even though it’s a big part if my life I don’t get the hype. Video games has to have a component to it that has not only made it a staple in a lot of Asian countries but it’s now become prominent in western society. Video gaming is becoming majors on a lot of college campuses and people are now making a living creating new inventions and innovations that pertain to it. Some even have self fulfilling careers just playing them. I feel that it is important to study things that are emerging in our society because personally I the education to lead to implantation.


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