Online Gaming at it’s Finest

The first thing that comes to mind when when talking about game mechanics is the idea of interactive online gaming. It is only recently, probably about the past decade, that the major console developers have mastered online gaming.

Today at any point of the day I can turn on my Xbox and play my buddy in a game of Madden, when he is living at Temple University and am in the middle of Pa in Bloomsburg. Most of the time I will experience no lag and effortlessly have a good time while carrying on a clear conversation through my gaming device. People forget that this wasnt always the case! For the younger generations, it seems like consistently efficient online play has been around forever.

The evolution, however was a bit of a process for the Microsofts and Sonys to master. Both PlayStation and Xbox fooled around with adapter like accessories one could buy that would make their PS2 or Xbox able to go online. But it seemed just not worth purchasing because not everyone had it. Additionally in my personal experience it seemed they would lag too much to be legitimately useful.

One interesting thing that would fall under the category of “mechanics of a game”, would be the strategic arangements of actions that correspond with each button. For example “A” jumps, “X” crouches, you would have to figure a lot of work and planning goes in to what buttons on a controller face do what function. Each function must be arranged by order of importance, so that a players hand never gets uncomfortable. One specific function is the “right trigger” button, and it’s usual correspondance to shooting something. Until the advent of the “shooting game” the right trigger, “R2” as sony refers to it, was usually kind of a secondary button. But with the popularity of games like Call Of Duty and Halo, the RT or R2 button is one of the most important.

One game I like to play is FIFA soccer on Xbox. The main functions in this game include but are not limited to running, passing, and shooting. I think this is a good example for mechanics of a game because so much goes in to kicking a soccer. The way your foot strikes the ball can be the difference between the back of the net and the 15th row. With each shot you have to carefully aim, tilt, and control the power of your striking. You do all of these things with the left analog stick, while setting the power with the “b” button. This can be compared to a similar sports game, NHL 2016, where in order to control the power of the shot you use the analog stick and it is more of a “feel”, than a timing thing.

All of these mechanics make up a good video game. You have to have your players comfortabe and by making the games buttons sensitive you put your players at full control.


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