Why Gaming is Life

The prompt for this post asks me to explain the importance of studying video games.To an older generation, the answer might be that studying video games is not important at all and instead is a waste of time; I however have a very different opinion. Video games are awesome for many reasons. Not only are video games a lot of fun, but they also offer an escape from reality where one can experience times and places outside of their own physical world. I don’t believe video games should be studied based on their entertainment quality, but instead by how they positively affect people.


For me personally, I really enjoy playing medieval/fantasy video games. The reason I love these types of games so much is because they allow me to transport myself into those worlds in which I will never be able to experience otherwise. When you’re able to become a completely new person and set out on an adventure of your own choosing, it takes you away from the real world and all the troubles you may be facing there, even just for a moment. That’s what I think is so important about the study of video games.


The more we look into how video games can affect people in a positive way, the more we will be able to develop video games that can do so. One of the greatest examples I can come up with pertains to the creation and the ongoing development of virtual reality. I work in a retirement home and am fortunate enough to develop amazing relationships with the residents who live there. However the one thing that I can’t stand about the home is that some of the residents are unable to get up and move around, and attend various events around the home. Imagine if we could take virtual reality technology and use it to put those elderly folks on a beach-side villa for just a few hours a day where they could walk around and truly feel alive again. It’s possible, but there needs to be more research, development, and studies done before it can truly become reality. The following link is a story that expands on this idea.


Smiling Gamers.jpg

Although there are many other great reasons to study video games, I believe that studying the way they affect people in a positive way is the most important. So many people need escapes from their daily lives, and video games can do that. That’s why we should study video games.

Here’s a video that also gives some reasons why video games are so important to our lives.


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