Analyzing the World of Proteus



The definition of a game is one that does not have a set or correct answer. We all have our own interpretations of what a game is from our experience playing them, which leads to different ideas. The subject of video games is an open discussion with several different opinions and points of view. So how should we interpret a game? Is there any correct way?

For my analysis, I chose to play the game Proteus and to study the details and mechanics of the game. I think that Proteus pushes the definition of what a game is because of the characteristics and features that the game is made up of. Everyone who plays it interprets these game features differently, which is why Proteus pushes the definition of game.

I got to play Proteus for a lengthy amount of time and started to become familiar with it after a while. One thing that I liked about the Proteus was that I got to see the world around me. I got to interact with the world and move around freely. I started off in an ocean, and used my controls to swim to the shore. I liked having more control of my actions, as opposed to some games I have played that were made up of several cutscenes and narration. So, I think being able to interact in the game world was a huge plus.

Proteus was exactly how I imagined it when I read the description on the Steam Store before I entered the game. I started to play and move around, and I intuitively thought of it as a dream world that I had fallen into. The game world of Proteus fits with what I consider a game because I firmly believe that all video games should have some kind of interaction. For example, in Proteus I got to explore the island at my own pace, and see a view of the mountains and several trees.


  • Here is a screenshot I took while I was playing Proteus that shows the game world at night.

An online news article from the Guardian goes into detail about the game mechanics of Proteus and the capabilties in the game. Several new features have been added to the game that support it and make it more interactive, and that is why Proteus is considered a game. It is also possible that there will be a PS3 version because of its positive feedback and success.

The game music also made an excellent fit to the dream theme of the game. I also got to see the weather change from sunny to stormy, and as I explored the island, I got to see the day slowly change into night and then back again. For these reasons, I would say that Proteus is similar to my definition of a game.

According to an article by the Twisted Tree Games company, the creation of Proteus was based off of the developer’s personal influences. The style of the game was influenced by divination methods because they were thought to be systems that allowed a connection between the game and the player. The game developer, Ed Key, explains that he wanted to use a system that allowed story and meaning to emerge.

However, Proteus also has some game characteristics that do not match my definition of a video game. While it is an interesting game and you can explore, there is no actual goal in the game. There are no tasks and no ways to get any points, there also no levels. There is also only one stage and you cannot get off of the island. I do not think that there is a way to win Proteus.

This video clip from Youtube shows the gameplay for Proteus and what the game world        looks like.

Video Link:

Although Proteus does not have specific tasks and objectives like most typical video games do, it is a fairly successful game and according to the Steam store, most of the reviews are very positive. Many players have said that Proteus is a calming and friendly game.

The game Proteus is all about exploration and immersion in a dream like island world with a soundtrack that is adapted to our surroundings. Just as the game description says, the primary means of interaction is simply the player’s presence, and how the world around the player is observed. I think that Proteus serves more than purpose because of its meditiative qualities, and it is not jusy for entertainment.


  • I took this screenshot during the day time in Proteus to reflect the calm and tranquil environment depicted in the game.


I personally found the soundtrack soothing and pertinent to the game. Proteus seemed very meditative to me because of the environment and the absence of any words. I think that it gives the game a more natural and peaceful feeling. I analyzed this as a calming experience that could be helpful to me, even though it is a game.

In conclusion, I think that it is definitely challenging to define what a game and a video game is. After doing my research and playing around with Proteus, I feel like I was able to better understand in my own words, what defines a game and what does not. I was able to gain a better point of view of what we consider games to be.

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