Is Alan Wake a game?

Hello my name is Brianne Wright. I would say that i would call my somewhat of a gamer. I used to indulge a lot in games as a child, however the more I grew up; the less time I had. A gamer such as myself is a person who sometimes likes to escape the reality of the real world and immerse themselves in fantasy worlds where boundaries and perceptions can possibly be broken based on the games limits. To me a game is someones alternate place where the creator is god-like in this world and players are pawns set wit limitations that keep them on the path that they were design to follow.

The only way a player will progress in the game is to follow the instructions and limits given to them by the creator of the game. A game is meant to be won or to achieve clear goals written by the programmer. Without the possibility of being able to win a game or advance in a game there is no point for players to even play the game.The reason why most gamers play games anyway is to feel a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and escape reality. Without being able to reach that purpose what is the reason to play.

Recently I order an online game for my tablet entitled “Alan Wake”. The premise of the game revolved around you ( a detective). For some reason you are drawn to this island from a letter from a locale. The letter stated that there had been many disappearings around the area. You as a detective has decide to take on the case. When you get to the island you discover nothing but empty and vacant homes from all residents. After exploring the town for about 5 mins ,you are approached by a ghost who seems to be the root of the problem . The only problem is that hes a ghost and you cant kill him and only tried to out run him. After 3 times of him catching up with you you die. How can you progress or even attempt to solve the mystery if you have to avoid the ghost long enough to find a clue it just seems impossible not to mention beyond scary. So with no chance at surviving let alone solving the case should we consider this a game? I would say yes and no. It could use a stronger objective, however there are rules and boundaries.alan_wake_-_fighting_with_light



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