Life is Strange is a GAME


When discussing games in class it was very difficult  to decide one set definition of what a game is.  Many people had different perceptions and objectives that they felt made up a game. In my opinion, a game is a something you actively do for entertainment. Games involved objectives and/or rules that shape how a particular game is played. For example, games like tag  have set objectives and rules in order that are follow that ensures the game is being played “the right way”. Video games are games that have an objective and everything else a game has but they are played on a console that is projected through a digital video screen. These game types can be in the form of a disc, cartridge, or online but once it appears on a screen it is considered a video game.


The game I analyzed is a  “Life is Strange”. This game can be played on PC or a game console. The objective of the game is to make different choices and see how it affects your progression in the game. Everytime decision you make has an outcome that can predict things for better or worse. The game often foreshadowing the upcoming events with warnings giving you the option to change your decision. The setting of the game takes place in a college and you are a young girl who has the ability to rewind time with her mind.

During the first episode, you are to suppose to save  another young lady from being shot inside the bathroom. It opens the scene showing her being shot and you not being able to help then it flashes back to your current setting where you are sitting in a classroom. At this time the character is discovering her ability to go back in time. Once you make it to the scene before the crime occurs you are supposed to find a way to prevent the shooting from happening by pulling the fire alarm. As the game goes on it leads you to go through a series of the different decisions in each episode. The game forces you to rewind until you complete the task so you can get things right even though there is no right or wrong decision.  It becomes very repetitive if you keep missing what needs to be done.


<a href=””>Life as Strange Game of the Year</a>

Although this is not the average game I would still consider it to be a video game because it fits my definition. The purpose of the game is  to achieve a goal and complete the task by making decisions. It also has set objectives and is played on a visual screen on some type console.  I found the game entertaining somewhat fun. Games are whatever you make them honestly, as stated previously there is not one correct definition of a game. Although this is considered a game to me someone else could feel completely different about it.


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