Super Mario Bros: Some Things Never Change

Out of all the possible games to chose, I chose to play Super Mario Bro’s. There are a few reasons why I specifically chose to play this game over others, one of them being that besides Just Dance, Super Mario Bro’s is the only other game I brought up to school with me last week when I brought my Wii. I do own more than a few Wii games, but due to my lack of interest in video games over the years, I have not played my Wii. I am excited to start getting more use of it. I would have chosen Just Dance as a game, but my heart told me to go back to the good ol’ days with Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros is a game that has been out for decades and is well known around the world. It was created in the 80’s and became wildly popular through it’s lifetime. Still to this day, there are dozen’s of remakes of the original game and a few games that deal with the same characters. Millions of people enjoy playing this game and there are tons of videos on Youtube of people playing this game. Since the original, Super Mario Bro’s has kept most of the core mechanics. Mechanics of a game are, according to the assignment post, “the underlying actions that a player can take within a game.” These mechanics are how the game works and can create an experience for the player.


Super Mario Bros main mechanics are easy, this is not a very complex game, however, it is still a billion dollar phenomenon. Some of the mechanics of Super Mario Bro’s include running and jumping. Since 1983, when the game was released, these are the two mechanics that have not changed. Things may have been added, but they have stayed the same. Since the original, the game itself has changed, the version I play, unlike the original, I can jump on top of enemies and kill them.

When researching about Super Mario Bro’s and learning about how people enjoy to play this game, I can across a user who enjoyed the way that Mario jumped. The author, Ben Kuchera, says, “Everyone knows that Mario’s jumps feel great.” Later he says that the jumping of Mario helped define what jumping meant in video games. Mario’s jumping mechanics were perfect, take 10 minutes and find out why

Before reading that article, I would have never thought about the jumping and how it is different from other games, but after reading it, it intrigued me to find out what it meant. When playing Super Mario Bro’s, Mario’s jump is so gentle; it is almost like he floats. In other games, a jump is just up and down without the “floating feel.” In the game, jumping is an important feature, as Mario moves across the screen, there are options for him to be able to jump up and hit coins, or as I previously stated, Mario can jump and land on top of enemies to kill them.


In this specific version of Super Mario Bro’s and the level that my brother is at, when you lift up the Wii Remote, you don’t only just jump, but your helmet that has a little fan on it, lifts you up extremely high. (This only lasted about 5 minutes, I don’t think it was a permanent feature.)

Although, running and jumping is so simple, it is a main part of the game. The mechanics for this game are very similar to other games in the sense that you just advance forward with the ability to run or walk or jump. If you think about those simple mechanics, they are the basis of many other games that have more complex mechanics. For example (bare with me on my examples, since I only own a few Wii games), another Wii game, Wii Play, you as your WiiMii, are racing on top of a cow. In this game it is your goal to knock down scarecrow and travel along the path. Like Super Mario Bro’s, the mechanics are simple, “run”, and jump. Super Mario Bro’s and the cow racing game are two different games with very different looks, goals, and themes but they both have the same mechanics, which I find very interesting.


Another mechanic is the ability for Mario to crouch down to hide things that are being shot at him and also the ability for Mario to shoot (when possible). As you advance in the game, there are certain features that Mario obtains that let you use new mechanics, sometimes you have the ability to get really small or at times you get special powers.

All of the game mechanics are important because without them, the game would be nothing. Although Super Mario Bros does not have very complex mechanics like Call of Duty would, it is still a fun game to play. The mechanics add to the experience. I think the fact that Super Mario Bro’s is so simple and do not have all of the crazy mechanics like other games do, make the game so fun. With today’s society and all of the advanced technology that we are able to use, it is sometimes really fun to be able to go back and play the simple games that once were so high tech (maybe not for my generation, but definitely generations below me.) I know that Super Mario Bro’s has not always been this complex and the version I’m playing is still very compelling and I enjoy playing them. Without all of the game mechanics, the game would not be as I know it. After taking this class, I have learned to appreciate the mechanics of not only this game, but other games I encounter, even simple games like Candy Crush.



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