The Game Mechanics behind Two Dots

For this blog post about game mechanics, I am writing about a game called Two Dots. It is a game you play on your phone, that easy to play and easy to learn. The game contains many levels that you must beat by connecting dots by color, or sinking the anchors. Two Dots is created by Playdots, Inc. and is offered on both iPhones and Android. During this blog post I will be talking about the games mechanics, also how the game and its mechanics have changed over time. I will also talk about the other games that are created by Playdots, Inc. and how the mechanics for those games are similar.


Game mechanics are how a game, whether that game is on a mobile or visual device or something you play physically, works and with a set of rules or methods that are designed for specific games. There may be the same mechanics for all games but there are always ones that are special to each and every day.


Above are the rules for Two Dots. Or they also can be consider the game mechanics. The bullets above are from an article I found about the game. They not only help you understand the game better but they teach you how to play the game.

I am just going to start off with one of the biggest mechanics that effects how fast you move onto a new level or it is something that can really hinder the way you play the game. What I am talking about is your lives in the game. The maximum amount of lives you have are 5 lives. The way you lose a life is if you can’t take away the correct amount dots or “solve the problem”. You have five chances to lose completely but once you lose all five lives you have to wait a certain amount of time which can be up to 30 minutes for your lives to reload. Once they are reloaded you have five new chances to try again or move onto a new level.

Another important mechanic and rule of this game is the number of moves you have. On some levels you have a set number of levels to finish the level. Some number of moves are higher then others. It all depends on the difficulty of the level. Sometimes the harder the level the less moves you have. For me it may take me longer to finish the levels with less moves then the level that are “easier” and with more moves. It is something that I forget about and don’t look at as I play levels. I have played this game for months it has always been on my phone. I always forget to look at the number of moves I have and when I get down to the last 4 moves I am no where near ready to finish and complete the level.

As the player gets higher and higher up in levels there are new things that get introduced to the game. You are able to get power ups daily, there are also new dots that are introduced as levels get harder and harder. The new dots consist of anchors, fireballs, and ice tiles.

Daily power ups come in the form of a treasure box every day you open up the app for the first time. There are 5 or 6 options that you are able to receive at random. Some are better then others. Personally my favorite is when you get the power up called Dynamite. This is one you can get that will “blow up” part of the board and make a certain part of the dots the same color which helps you out a lot. This will make you meet the goal of that one color a lot faster since there are a good amount of that one color all in one spot.

two-dots-level-35_small  Like I stated before there are also new dots that get introduced into high levels. As you can see in the picture there are anchors in this level. The anchors are just one of the new dots that are introduced. They are the first ones that get introduced. Along with trying to complete the challenge of collecting the correct number of colors you have to sink a certain number of anchors as well.

One other example of a new set of dots are called Ice. As you get deeper into the game squares will appear on the dots. You have to still connect the dots but you have to connect the dots in the squares and the ice will break. It takes a lot of moves to break the ice, some times with the daily perks you can earn a power up called an ice pick. It sounds just like what it is. When you earn the ice pick some of the ice will break or go away completely to make it easier to complete the level.

Personally I don’t like the ice dots because they are honestly annoying. The ice takes forever to get away and you end up wasting a lot of moves when trying to get rid of them.

Overall I really like this game, like I said before I have played it for a while and enjoy it. The mechanics are also easy to use and are well thought out. The mechanics are what make this game great, and why people love it.


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