Time-Travel: the ultimate game mechanic


For this analysis, I will be analyzing the game  mechanics [What are game mechanics?] of Life is Strange video game. While playing Life is Strange players  are given the ability to rewind time and correct mistake the character makes so things can be perfect. But what’s perfect if there is no guarantee what the outcome will be in the end? The main the point  of this game is to make decisions, some you can change and some you cannot and each decision has their own consequences.

Life Is Strange TV Show/Video Game

One of the core mechanics of the game is to explore. As you explore the game you notice there are many active items you can select. Once items are selected you are then given the option to view the items and the characters thoughts about the objectives play, sometimes the things selected are hints for the best way to complete the task.  For example, you are given the option to read another classmates journal in an episode which is really interesting.

There is also an action mechanic to the game as well. There not only the option to select things but you can interact.  For example, there is an episode where you are trying to get back to your dorm room, but the school’s biggest bully Victoria refuses to let you pass her at the doorway. You then begin exploring and you find a paint bucket and you are supposed to move it so the paint will spill on her and she will move out the way. There are many opportunities to rewind until you potion the paint bucket in the right place. So there is this an interacting feature to the video game as well. You also have the ability to move around within the game you do not have to stay in once place as you explore.


Another important mechanic within the game and probably the most obvious is time-travel. This game focuses a lot on time travel being able to go back in time so often it is like you can always fix what you do. However, there is a rule to time travel, though. The more often the character travels in time and the further she goes back the character starts to black out and states that she does not feel too well. By doing so, this is the games way of stopping you from going back further than you need to be. So the use of time-travel is shielded around a rule of how far you can travel back into time.

All of these mechanics are equally effective in creating a great experience for the player. Without one or the other, the game would be boring. Imagine if you could not move around in the game and all you could do is make decisions people would eventually get very bored quickly due to the limitations. So without all the mechanics combined the compelled experience of playing Life is Strange would not exist.



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