The Mechanics of Crash Bandicoot


Growing up I remember playing Crash Bandicoot on playstation with my father. For those of you unfamiliar with Crash Bandicoot, it is a video game released in the year 1996 exclusive to the Sony PlayStation. Crash Bandicoot was created by two men Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin.screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-7-33-41-pm

I know longer have a playstation and since 1996 there have been 3 new playstation consoles created. However, my old memories of the game caused me to become intrigued to find Crash Bandicoot. I stumbled over a site called Game Oldies. Game oldies is a site that allows you to play retro video games online. Once I found Crash Bandicoot I found myself deeply indulged into the game. Although, the quality was not the greatest and the mechanics were very different once I got a hang of things I felt that old feeling I used to feel when playing with my dad.

Now there are certain mechanics that go along with Crash Bandicoot these include: walking, running, spinning, jumping, collecting Wumpa Fruit, and collecting extra lives. Crash’s, the character, moves are limited to that for the most part.


On an older Sony Play Station controller. Im talking before they became wireless. According to World of Playstation where they had the Crash Bandicoot manual. The controls to use the mechanics would have been pressing the square or circle button to spin. Pressing X to jump, using the D-pad to move Crash around, and pressing triangle to show the inventory of Crash’s collections. That sound very familiar it seemed like what I used to push for controlswhen I used to play. It was what I was comfortable with.

As soon as I started playing Crash Bandicoot online I realized controlling the mechanics were very different.  Crash Bandicoot was not originally an computer game so playing it on my macbook pro was very different. It took me several rounds of playing and losing before I got comfortable with the controls. On the website to play Crash Bandicoot I had to use my arrow keys to move crash around.To allow him to walk forward and backward. I used the letters X and B on the keyboard to spin,  and the letter C to jump. These mechanics were different and made getting to the next levels a bit harder.


Playing Crash Bandicoot and thinking about Koster’s argument on why games become boring. Made me want to analyze Crash Bandicoot more. Koster argues that games become boring because they are to boring, or aren’t interesting enough. He claims the use of patterns in cameos and how often they are switched has an impact of a video game.

When I think about Crash Bandicoot it is a very simple game, but I enjoyed every moment of playing it. It may have been because I was experience an old memory again but I was not bored at all. Every time I died I started over again, I found myself yelling or getting upset when I died. I talked crap to the crabs and turtles whose job is to kill Crash. I was very excited with I got to a new level. I was comparing the environment and detail in the virtual world of each level. The jumps became more complex as I experienced new levels. It took me much longer to beat level two than it took me to beat level one. I was frustrated when I lost level two and had to start all the way over from level one again. I fell so into the game I  talked to my friends about it and asked them to play with me. Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 7.40.20 PM.pngscreen-shot-2016-10-06-at-8-12-44-pm

The mechanics of this game were not hard for me to figure out at all. I have not play in about 10 years, but I immediately picked up on the mechanics. I immediately realized there were some mechanics that worked together. For example I found that I would not die  when I jumped and spun at the same time when passing a huge gap. I found that when I was trying to jump on boxes way taller than me to again spin and jump at the sometime.

Although, Crash bandicoot is not the  most exciting game. I really enjoyed playing it. I began to wonder how different my opinion of the game is  because I played online and not on a playstation. I also am interested in playing Crash Bandicoot 2 and other remakes to see how the mechanics of the game evolved over time. I know there is even a version of this game made for playstation 4 and to compare the two would be really cool.

On youtube I found a video of the top 10 levels of the game and and it compelling to see the levels I completed and they levels I’ve never reached before. Number 10 on the list being the first level I completed I agree with the youtube video acknowledging it was not the hardest level but it was great “launching point for crash.” Number 9. on the this was from crash Bandicoot 2 and it reminded me of “Temple Run” like the mechanics of the two games seem very similar. Number 8 & 7. made me want to start playing the game again so I can experience these levels on my own. Number 6. includes a female character  “Co Co” and I am very interested and trying the mechanics of the game with a female character. Number 5 includes the mechanic of keeping balance. Number 4, 3, and 2 from the list all include elements from different cultural or environments from the original game. And number 1 on the list is a playstation 2 follow up of the retro game. I have to be sure to take some time out to play and learn the mechanics of the games from this list.




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