The game I chose to analyze for this post is called Limbo. The reason I chose Limbo is because it is a fairly simple game that requires few controls to actually play, yet it offers a very compelling and user interactive experience. I have had this game for a while, but really decided to choose it because I saw it on a PowerPoint in class it reminded me to play it. I stream my video games every once and a while on, and one of my viewers purchased this game for me to play on stream, but I still haven’t yet; I probably will soon though because I really enjoy the game. Anyway, Limbo is a platform side-scroller game that I believe is only for the PC at this time. Limbo features a little boy who is essentially stuck in Limbo and must find his way through. The game makes good use of many compelling game mechanics throughout, yet remains very simple at its core.

Limbo Boy.png

The controls for this game are fairly simple. You move around using W,S,A,D and the Space Bar, or you can use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys; these buttons were used to move around and jump in the game. The only other button that I experienced needing to use throughout the portion of the game that I played was the CNTRL key; which allowed you to interact with items throughout the game. Although those were the only keys that I found useful throughout the game, there were many other functions that made the game great. For example, the game makes use of a black and white gradient filter to overlay the game. This really sets the mood for the game. I didn’t get to hear much of the game’s soundtracks though because I muted the sound for streaming purposes when I first got the game (although I never actually streamed it). The environment and animation in the game is also beautifully done.

If you’d like to purchase this game, you can get it on steam!

I would classify this game as a strategy puzzle game because you really can’t advance at all throughout the game without completing some sort of puzzle. One of the best things about this game is that you have unlimited lives. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I died trying to figure out the answer to some of the puzzles in this game. Some of them let you take all the time you need, while others are time based and will usually end up killing you if you don’t figure them out in time. In addition to the puzzles, there are tons of intractable objects in the game that help you to progress.

Limbo Obstacle.jpg

Overall, this game is well worth a purchase and a play through. Although I haven’t beaten the game yet, I plan on returning to it when I’m not so busy using all of my brain power on school work. I probably haven’t even scraped the surface of all of the different game mechanics in this game. However, as I said, the games seems to be fairly simple when it comes to its controls. On the other hand, it is packed with surprises at every turn and I can’t stress enough how beautiful the game looks. Well done to the creators!


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