Marvel vs. Capcom 2

It’s well documented that my favorite game of all time is Marvel vs.  Capcom 2.  I haven’t did a blog about this game yet but I feel as though Marvel vs. Capcom 2 fits perfectly in the discussion of mechanics because that what makes it such a great game.  Even though my judgment of the game is just an opinion,  it pretty well known the caliber of this game.

Before I get into the Marvel vs Capcom 2, which we will call Mvc2, I want to point out  a few factors.  For one,  fighting game mechanics as a whole allow unskilled players to match with more experience players. Its known in society that fighting games are friendly to non gamers which makes it a good drinking game or family game.  The reason that’s the case is strictly because of its mechanics.

Almost every fighting game has the same mechanics.   You punch, kick, jump, block and tuck or bow.  Every fighting game also has special moves designated for each character.  But what separate these fighting games from one another is how to implement these mechanics within a match and how the mechanics effect the game.

For instance,  in Mortal Kombat Trilogy,  combos can be performed fairly easy and a player really doesn’t need to be knowledgeable on how to perform them.  But what really sets this game apart is the fact that once a player is able to land the beginning of a combo, the opponent has know way of interrupting it.  This is fairly rare compared to other games such as Tekken.  This lead to really fast button mashing gameplay because  of the combination of easy combos and ineffective defense.



The Tekken series has mechanics that effect the game tremendously and gives it a distinct experience as well.  Just like Mortal Kombat combos are fairly easy to perform combos.  However, special moves or grappling moves is easier and can be performed just by pushing two buttons at the same time. The biggest difference that separate Tekken from a lot of game is the mechanics to move because unlike a game like Street Fight and Mortal Kombat that only allows a users to move back and forth, you can move in any direction. This leads to a more strategic game of position because that can effect your offense and defense.  If a user decides to kick with his character with his left leg and the opponent moves in the opposite direction,  the opponent not only avoid damage but is now in a attack position.  Usually Tekken matches last longer and players are more weary on how they decide use the mechanics within the game.

As far as MVC2 I am the most impressed by its mechanics.  It seems to really put most of its important on the mechanics that gives it a unique gameplay.  On the Dreamcast you have six buttons, four of which control your normal moves.   Those normal moves are Hard kick/punch used by pressing  x and y and light kick/punch used by pressing a and b on the default setting.  These basic mechanics are essential in the game for 2 reasons.  One reason is because of damage light attack will never dish out as much damage as hard punches.  The second reason is because in order to use basic combos.  You will always have to start from light too hard.   Hard attacks are usually good to finish combos and light punches are good for defense and to begin combos. These basic features alone leads to intricate play.  A user forced to consciously attack with the buttons because each single attack  has an effect important effect in some way.

Another basic feature in this game is the tag team feature and within tag team there are certain mechanics that are implemented. You have the two triggers that make one of your other two partner’s attack while they are not in play. The moves are called assist.  The right trigger controls assist one, the second character in the list and the left trigger controls assist two, the third character in the list. The moves are only available one time a match. And if one of your partners are attack while performing a assist they lose double health.

This is another basic feature that leads intricate play because it forces a user having to strategically use all three of their character.  Also this feature within the game leads to users having to make consideration before the match even start. When you select a character  you should know you pick three characters as well as an assist type. These assists types determine what attack your partners will perform when you press their button. These come in various types that can complement a team and will vary depending on the character. Advance users use assist to add to combos.  Others use them for defenses purposes.  What ever the case is this feature is important of the game and shapes your fighting style or preference.

The last basic mechanics in this game that is important to the experience of the game is movement.  Even though MVC2 is a 2d game movement is very advance.  Jumping is one of the most important tools to use.   Some characters such a Storm can jump and stay in the air and fight long distance because of her basic move sets.hailstorm  Sentinel has a feature where called super jump that allows it to hover at approximately eye level to its opponent and adopt a whole new attack set.  I have played against some opponents who abuse features like these which makes it hard to get close enough to attack, which leads to me having to strategies away to attack.

Also with jumping, a user can perform air combos.  An air combos is tricky because to initiate it you have to attack in a way that launches your opponent in the air.  Its even more tricky each character launches its opponent in the air in a different way.  One character might initiate an air combo by a low light punch, while another with a hard kick.  Once in the air the same philosophy of basic combos apply.  A user has to be wary about when to use light and hard attacks.

In conclusion, these are just the basic mechanics of MvC2 and those alone eliminates the possibility of users button mashing with much success unlike other fighting games.  Also players are forced to play more strategic because the mechanics allow users to create fighting styles to enhance their chances of winning.  It would take days to really explain all of the mechanics because there is just too much to go over. There are recourses though.  If you want to learn more go to and maybe one day you can play like this:








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