Gamification at BU

With this blog post I wanted to look into services that businesses and organizations offer that may come across as a game to some. I am definitely one that loves stacking up points in order to get a free drink at Dunkin Donuts or going nine times and getting the tenth frozen yogurt free. Something about getting more points to earn that free item comes across as a game to me. Gamification is making something into a game whether that be with an educational video game or with a points system at the local Starbucks. You can even say having a snapchat streak could become a game because people will go out of their way to continue that streak. Anything could be gamified but for this blog post I choose to look into an app that is pretty close to home for all and one I did not know about before.

IMG_6103.PNGRoongo Rewards! Have you heard of it because I did not until I started figuring out what I wanted to do for this post. It is an app created for Bloomsburg University. What the app is, is a reward system for going to different sporting and on campus events. It’s pretty simple you just have to register on the app and it will give you a calendar of events that are going on. When you are at an event all you have to do is click check in and you can earn anywhere from five to ten points depending on the type of event. For example all the basketball games are worth ten points, where swim meets are worth five. In the rewards section of the app it will keep count of how many points you have, and what you can turn in the points for. There is everything from a five dollar gift card to the Big Chill to a free Bloomsburg University blanket. I think this is a pretty cool way to get more students to sport events and a fun way to earn free stuff. I also think this app is awesome to get the word out about different events on campus because not everyone knows what is going on, even if the information is right in front of their faces. IMG_6104.PNG

Below is a link to an article about the app along with a list of all the prizes you could earn and how many points are needed for both.

Roongo Rewards


I believe this can be seen as a game because research has shown when there are prizes thatIMG_6106.PNGcan be won, costumers will feel more obiligated to return and they will become more loyal. Relating this to Bloomsburg University sporting events, sometimes basketball games are almost empty. What a better way to get fans and students involved to return to games. Gaining more reward points in order to receive that five dollar Big Chill gift card can be related to earning a certain number of coins to go onto the next level of Sonic. Each prize could be thought as a different level. The five dollar gift card that is worth 50 points is the easiest where the Jahri Evans Autographed Football that is worth 700 points is the hardest. But the catch is once you use the points you go back down to 0 and need to save up points all over again. The prizes are not always the same. In the article above it says to stay tuned for more prizes. So like add ons for video games where you can get a new weapon for your favorite player or outfits to wear, the app will update itself with new prizes to win.

IMG_6107.PNGAnother way this app and service can be seen as gamified is by being able to view the leaders. Just like a lot of video games there is an option to view who has to most points. It will even tell you how many points you have and what place you are in. You can also refine the list to just faculty or students. As of now I am in 232nd place with a total of zero points. I have not been to a basketball game yet to check in and start earning points but I plan on using this app. There are other fun options you can view on the app but they don’t give you points. The one section is call fan cam, it lets you post pictures you have taken at different sporting events for other BU students and fans to see. The app also has the twitter feed for all Bloomsburg accounts right there for you to see. These two add ons do not allow you to add more points but they do make the app more interesting.

To finish up gamification doesn’t have to just deal with video games that are meant to be educational and with a purpose to teach something. It can also deal with reward systems like  DDPerks and Roongo Rewards. You can play the game with yourself and challenge yourself to gain more points while being able to enjoy sporting events that Bloomsburg University has to offer. The app lets you win gift cards, footballs and BU apparel while letting you know all about what is going on with Bloomburg’s athletics with a calendar of events and social media all in one place. It makes college life here on campus a little more enjoyable with something always going on and being able to be rewarded for it as well.


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