Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide

Muslim Massacre has been called a controversial video game since the day it came out in 2008. Everyone from video game lovers, to amateur video game players have caused an uproar with reasons for this game to be deleted. When playing the game you are faced with many controversial tasks from killing Muslims, becoming an American hero by wiping out an entire race, and using any weapon as small as a shot gun to as big as a rocket launcher in order to complete the tasks. Before even conducting any research on the game, you are able to figure out the controversy just by reading the title. It is pretty self explanatory on why this game is so bad and why killing the Muslim characters is a controversy. Another thing to add to the list is that the game was intentionally released to take place during the Islamic month of Ramadan and the attacks on September 11th, 2001.

It was not a hard task to find articles to support the reasons why this game is so bad, and I was surprised to find out there are other games in the world similar to this one. The Telegraph wrote that according to the game’s creator  “The goal of Muslim Massacre, which can be downloaded for free on the internet, is to “ensure that no Muslim man or woman is left alive””. During my research I wanted to understand how the Arab States felt about this game, on website stated “others viewed it as a reaction to Islamist extremists. The web site was blocked in some Arab states”. Overall this research and discussion should bring attention to what this game is about, how it plays, why it is such a big controversy and a comparison to other video games out there. Specifically for this game I will look at other first person shooter games and controversies that surround them.


While trying to find a way to play this game, I was not able to find it on any reliable website or for any system. On the games Wikipedia page it says the game was made to be a computer first person shooter game. So if I was able to find the game and play it I would have played it on my laptop. The controls were simple, all you needed to do in to control the player was use the letters A,S,D and W on your keyboscreen-shot-2016-12-03-at-9-46-54-amard. To shoot you used the right click and for a grenade you used the left click. Each round lasts 60 to 90 seconds and it states on the home screen kill as many muslims as you can.
If I had been able to play the game I probably would not have played for that long just because the actual topic of the game discusses me and for simple graphicscreen-shot-2016-12-03-at-10-42-30-ams it does show a lot of blood. Unlike other games where you can choose to play with other characters this game only allows you to play as one character, which is a white male. The character’s graphics make him come across as a strong muscular character. He is the only option you are able to play as.

Below is a video of a gameplay from Muslim Massacre. One thing that stands out to be is not even from the game itself. The video starts our with a montage of newspaper headlines made from real life events but that are made to look like a video game. While the pictures go across the screen you hear a computer made army march along with a speech from former President George W. Bush. The speech is experts from Bush’s State of the Union that took place just months after 9/11. Along with the opening scene, as you click new game and the level starts you here a voice, that sounds just like Bush, say “lets go”. To conclude, the games graphics are simple and remind me of Pac Man or older Arcade games and does not impress me compared to newer graphics and video games made at the time this was released.


Right at the start of this assignment and when I came across this game I could tell what the controversy was right away. Reading the name Muslim Massacre was shocking and then to read more about the game and watch a video on it I was appalled someone would spend time making this game. There are many moments throughout my research I had to stop and ask why, but were topics I wanted to look more into.

First off I just wanted to find out why the creator felt the need to make this game. The creator made this game to have a player be able to virtually “wipe out the Muslim Race”. The creator known as Sigvatr has described the video game “as fun and funny”. Others including myself find the game vulgar and obscene. The game has been criticized so much and has actually be banned by most British, Muslims, and America organizations.

Something else that I wanted to find out more about were the different Arab leaders that you have to face. When watching the video you see a character appear in later levels that is bigger then the normal “evil” characters you have to kill. At first I did not know who that character was supposed to be but after conducting research I discovered that during later levels you are required to fight different leaders. Those leaders are Osama bin Laden, Mohammed and even Allah, who is the Muslim God. Along with killing leaders you are instruct to kill everyone. Yes, this means you have to kill men, women and children. There isn’t a big distinction in who is who for the normal characters but you are instructed to kill everyone!

When reading more about what you have to do in the game I came across an article that says “It’s packed with tasteless stereotypes and unapologetic detached violence”. Besides being a video game that has senseless acts of violence it make people believe in a fake stereotype that is not real for all Muslim people. That is one of the biggest reasons why so many Muslim American and British Muslim organizations have had it banned because they work hard everyday to get that stereotype that is associated with them erased from everyone else’s minds.

I could probably go on and on with different topics that I discovered through my research and why they are controversial. But overall the game itself is the main reason all these conversations happened. The game itself it full of controversy, which is why the game is so hard to find on the internet today in 2016.


When trying to find out what other games are out there like Muslim Massacre I was again shocked to know that there are in fact other games like this. Games not just for you computer or video game system, but a game that you are able to download onto your phone. The game called Bomb Gaza and you are playing as the Israeli Air Force and you are dropping bombs on Palestinian groups. I like to compare this game to Muslim Massacre because of the racial tensions it goes with and how you are suppose to kill random people in the game. This game goes hand in hand with my research.

I also can compare Muslim Massacre to other first person shooter games like Call of Duty. They can be compared by how much violence there is in the games. Gun violence, blood and killing are the main three that can be found in each game. One specific Call of Duty game is their Modern Warfare game. One scene, which we have talked about in class, where the elevator doors open and you have to kill everyone in the airport. The controversy that surrounds just that one scene can be compared to the Muslim Massacre game.  In both games you are killing random civilians. But unlike Muslim Massacre, the scene in Call of Duty is just on part of the game, not the whole theme of the game. Because Muslim Massacre’s storyline is to kill anyone and everyone you can’t skip over levels. Each level is almost the same just with a new group of Muslims. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare you are given the option of skipping the level.

Seeing that this game had many others like it, made me almost sick to my stomach. The fact that there are so many different games out there and that they are so easy to get, is frightening. I think having some scenes of violence could be okay but there definitely needs to be the option to skip the level like in COD.


To conclude this research, Muslim Massacre will always be seen as a controversial video. No matter how long time goes away since it has been banned information about the game will forever be accessible and games like it will still exist and more will be created. This game was created by an independent creator and with all the articles I read, I never came across someone supporting the game. So I feel that this shows a good side to the industry that gets put under fire a lot. Other video game developers and websites helped fight and get this game taken down. However this game does reflect on our culture. People out there really do think like this and some are even inspired but video games to commit crimes. I believe there needs to be something down about violence in games and how easy it is to create them along. There should not be games created on topics like wiping out an entire population. Lastly, in my opinion Muslim Massacre is a game that is horrible, will always be talked about and will always be a controversy that took place in the world and video game industry.


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