Darfur is Dying : The real definition of Gamification

Darfur is dying? What is that?

Darfur is dying is an online PC game that lets you experience the life of a refugee in Sudan.  The is both serious and educational as it informs you of real life events. This game was designed to raise awareness of the genocide that occurring in Darfur. It was developed by college students at the University of California to empower other college students to help raise awareness and stop the crisis. The game is in partnership with Reebok Human Rights Foundation and the International Crisis Group.

The objective of the game is to fetch water without being captured by the militia then return to your camp and help your community survive. If captured by the militia you are provided with information about what happens to the character after being caught and the character disappears forever.If captured you are by the militia provided with information about what happens to the character after being caught and the character disappears forever.

  1. Women  face the risk of rape or abuse if caught
  2.  Girls face the risk of abuse, kidnapping, and rape
  3. Boys face abuse and possible death if caught
  4. Men are unlikely to forage for water so you aren’t given the option to select them.



The Gamification 

“Gamification is using  game-based mechanics, aesthetics, and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems”.

This game follows the theories of gamification because it constantly encourages you to take action while keeping you engaged and providing information.Although you are playing a game you are still becoming aware. There is a bold red TAKE ACTION button on the main page when you enter the camp to remind you that this it  is not just a game. While at the camp there is a point where you are informed that your camp is under attack and you are given different options you could do to prevent the attack.

The options listed are  :

  • Send to a friend
  • Send a message to president Obama
  • Ask your representative to support the people of Darfur
  • Start a divest movement on your campus
  • Find more ways to get involved


However, each option you select helps increase the health of the camp and opens additional pages with more information on the genocide and how you could really get involved. dafur

One thing that brought me to surprise while playing the game was the length of the game. You are only allowed experience up to one day in the camp.We had briefly played the game in class but never made it to the end. Once the day has come to an end you are re-inform  that although it is a game the events are still real for those suffering in Sudan and Chad. You are then asked  to share the game with others to raise more awareness, ad there are links with more information. end

Don’t just play the game, Do SOMETHING

This game does a great job of accomplishing its goals of getting people involved. It is very informational and makes the point of the game very clear. While playing it I just felt like I needed to know more. Not only did I want to gain more knowledge on the topic but I wanted to do something to stop it and make a change. I even shared it with a few of my friends. I really respect how the game creators shorten the game so that players would not get distracted by the real issue.  It definitely takes on many forms of gamification. It has a way of engaging the player while still motivating them to take action .

Ways to Get Involved !


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