A gamified resume

Most juniors and seniors in college are looking for ways to set themselves up for jobs in the workforce. The grades, the volunteer work and extra curricular activies all are compiled to resumes or portfolios to eventually present to an employer. Ever since the internet has became a prominent force for in the education sector there have been people creating new ways to set themselves apart.

Gamification is becoming one of the most useful tools in society today. We are involved in gamification all the time whether we realize it or not. According to Kapp, “Gamification is using game-based mechanics, aesthetics, and game thinking to engage people, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems”.  Also, gamification takes place in areas outside formal gaming systems. That goes into the my experience playing with an interactive resume game by Robbi Leonardi. 

Robbi Leonardi is a multi disciplinary designer from Pratt Insitute in Nyc. With his expertise, he was able to actually gamify his remume to expemplify Super Mario Bros.The game is pretty simple. If you are using a computer you can use the arrows keys or if you are using a phone/tablets you can slide your fingers to navigate the character. Its not a game with mechanics or complex features such as Halo or Madden but it definetely gets the job done.

So in this game there are three levels. The first level is called About. This level contains a brief description of Leonardi’s skill profiency with multi disciplinary design, ranging from beginner all the way up to expert. The about level also contains information on where he works and live, and things that he is interested in.

The second level called Skills takes place underwater. It contains a deeper description of the skills that he has with in his field.  The section of the level basically goes into more details of the actual tools of multi desciplinary design he is profiecient in. He has experience in many different graphic and design sofwares, script and programming languages, and 3d/gaming software. 

Level three and four displays his work expeience and his awards and publications. By the looks of what he has accomplished he is well qualified to get a job in the workforce. Once you pass the levels the character floats up a hot air balloon toward the end of the game. This section prompt the gamer to contact him leaving you name, number and a messege.

To me this is genius because he decided to take matters onto his own hands.  I have read many resumes to help younger people looking to go into college and I have also looked at resumes through sites such as LinkdIn. I have to say this is the greatest resume ever made.

One thing about gamification is that sometime entities can gamify their services too much. A perfect example is LinkdIn. Linkdin created a reward based gamification for users. There are progression bars to motivate users to complete their profiles. There are endorsements and profile views which users can compare to other profiles. Once you think about LinkdIn is a pure gamified social media platform. This gamification, in my opinion, is not efficient towards what the  actual purpose of the platform for two main reason. 

The first reason is because a reward base gamification on a social platform becomes discouraging for a lot of users (http://insights.wired.com/m/blogpost?id=6544125%3ABlogPost%3A114910). The theory is that it can become discouraging because it highlights when another user is better than you. For some, this aspect can be motivating while for not so much. The key point is that there will always be someone who is be better than you on a platform with over 450 million users. To make that phenomenon visible through gamificstion leaves users to react in different ways that can be detrimental to growth.

The second reason why this form of gamification is ineffecient is because it distracts users from the most importamt goal. Getting a job (http://fivestrengths.com/2014/06/06/linkedins-gamification-profile-views-harm-good/). When playing this game users are engaged in artificial competition with the same people that could be used as assets. LinkdIn was a platform used to connect members and gain resources, not to compete with them.

Leonardi gamifies his resume for employers gracefully. Unlike Linkdin which created a reward based game, he created an experience through gamification that leaves any employer at aww. He set himself apart from anybody else that is in his industry because it has not been done before. And not only that; to display a gamified resume in an industry based on multi disciplinary design, is to show proof of his proficiency first hand.

Just think about our department. What if someone in emergent media was to create a blog or a website as a portfolio? Or a telecommunication focus student to create a video based resume? Employers will have a one stop destination to find everything they need to know. This idea of gamification opens the door for many ideas.

The thing about gamification is that its known to be used for companies, non profits and other entities to create an effect to people.However, gamification can be used by individuals for their own benefits as well. Instead of employers using gamication to for workers or retail stores using gamification for its customers, students can use gamification for employers or individuals can use gamification for themselves even.

Nonetheless, Leonardi’s resume game landed him a job at Fox News. In a week after posting his game on Twitter (@rleonardi), he received hundreds of emails from employers and his resume went viral on social media. A way to gamification huh?

Here is a link to his resume:



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