Video gaming

Many people are interested in games for several reasons. Why do people constantly play for numerous hours? What makes a game grab a person’s attention? These are all questions we have asked ourselves before. Leading me up to the topic of discussion “Why Study Video Games?”

I am interested in studying games for many reasons. After a class discussion defining what a game is and various aspects of games, I have become interested in this topic. I recently have been playing the video game Sims a few times a week. During the week when I have free time, I am playing the Sims for hours. Video games have different stakes and objectives, which keep us drawn in. One of the reasons is entertainment I enjoy playing it, it’s like having a virtual family. Another reason is, that the outcome due to the choices you make are constantly changing. Video games and games, in general, are enjoyable if played alone or with a group of people. Each games goal is to keep you interested. Video gaming is a virtual form of storytelling and that’s what keeps me interested in them; action, adventure, role-playing, strategy, sports, etc. Other games such as board games, mobile games, and sports games have different stakes and objectives as well. These games have different concepts and reasons to why we play them. Therefore, I am interested in studying games because I want to learn how they influence the mind.


I am excited to be taking this class. I hope to become more knowledgeable about video games. I would like to learn the art of gaming and why video games are so appealing? I recently read an article by, Greg Perreault “Why Do We Love Video Games?” He discusses how digital, streaming, cross-platform content is popular, and video gaming consoles would come to an end. Since the market is constantly changing video gaming is changing as well. I want to learn why video gaming is such a marketable platform and how diverse it is. Overall, I want to get an ample overview gaming.

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