Why study games.

Games should be studied to help us better understand human motivation and concentration. What drives someone to spend six hours almost straight playing video games… and how can we replicate that in other ways in society. How can we as a society treat progress like a video game, reaching new levels and new high scores?

I am interested in studying games to relate them to the behavior I see in humans, addictive behavior is one of them. I am interested in seeing the ways that video games initially captivate players as well as the way they maintain their attention over long periods of time. Something in todays fast paced society seems to be becoming harder and harder to do. I believe it is important to study games in order to track players experience both positive and negative. One game I found that have been studied for these reasons is the game called “Counter Strike”. Counter-Strike-Android-Header.jpg

Success in the game Counter Strike relies on you having the ability of “select attention” the ability to tune out irrelevant information and focus on whats important during a task. A study done by the National Center of Biotechnology Information showed that these games let players “allocate attentional resources automatically”. I personally am interested in studying games like counter strike as someone who suffers from ADD, and imagine that games like counter strike could possibly be beneficial to me and others.

I hope to get a greater understanding of video game attraction from this class because I personally don’t find myself gravitating towards video games all that often. However I feel like I would if I explored more games and genres.


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