Video Games vs. Games

While playing either video games and regular games ,  having a different mindset while playing is must. A game is an in the moment task that involves having fun. Once this task is complete , you know that there is no continuing as to how it was before. A game is not something you can save as you would a video game. A video game involves a lot more of your time and focus. These are requirements because of the amount of things you have to go through if you were to mess up while on a certain mission. For instance, if you mess up on a video game then you would have to start all over. Starting all over on a video game is to time consuming along with frustrating. If you were to start all over on a regular game it would not be as bad . The consequences of starting all over on a video game is worst than an actual physical game because of technology. Technology will take you all the way back to the beginning. Another consequence that video games has is mental stability within the users playing the game. Compared to an actual physical game, you never hear any issues with any problems of its users losing their mental stability. Most of its users has become obsessed with the idea of not losing while playing a video game. Over the years as video games became more popular some people that decided to start playing the video games has changed their ways compared to how they were previously as to when the video game was not a part of their daily ritual.  Users know that if you mess up within a video game it could cost you losing your place of success.With an actual psychical game , you are able to go back to where you made a mistake then take it from there.

The two games I have came across were Trouble and Mario Kart Double Dash. Trouble has always been one of my favorite games that I played growing up. Just recently I played it for the first time in a while with my roommates. I could not help but to chuckle at how easy it was to play compared to an actual video game. Our generation is so use to technology and its complications that we forget how simple certain things are. Playing Trouble was much more relaxing compared to the anxiety I have while I was playing Mario Kart.

Mario Kart is my top favorite video game that I was able to rekindle with online just recently. Playing this game requires you to have time and patience. This game in general is overall frustrating due to the fact that it already has to be used via technology. I played this game on both a computer and my game cube. It seems as though no matter what device I use, this game has a natural glitch. If you use a cheat sheet ,then you are able to take advantage of the glitch. The glitch could benefit or cause a delay within your goal of being able to go to the next level. For instance, this article states that the glitches were beneficial while playing the game and that the game actually became more smoother once the glitches start to affect your ability to play. Each person that has experienced playing this game has different experiences. These are the type of circumstances that meet to my personal definition of games and video games.

My personal definition matches up to my personal experiences. Every experience I have had has matched up to my definitions. For instance, demonstrating how arduous a video game is compared to an actual physical board game. A game allows you to be more free spirited compared to a video game. A video game has you more structured and has more consequences if you do not complete the task correctly.

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