Discombobulated Cars

I personally am a huge fan of racing games. Normally I would play some sort of Mario Game. This time I decided to go online to find a game that involved racing but has different mechanics. The game I decided to play this time is Madalin Stunt 2. This is a game that shares the same concept as Mario Kart Double Dash to a certain degree. The concept of racing is the most that is shared in common between the two games. Madalin has mechanics that are no where near as advanced as Mario Kart.

Granted that I am use to playing on actual game systems, I decided to play Madalin Stunt on my laptop. When I first began to look at the format of this game I was certain it was going to be different than what I am typically use to . This game tried to revolve around simplicity. The mechanics of this game is based off of the simple use of arrows on the keyboard. In order to get the car to drive you must keep pressing down on the top arrow button. Whenever you decide to turn left or right, you then would use either the left or right arrow button according to which direction you insist on going. If you were to back the vehicle up then you would use the down arrow button. While this game is simple to use , whoever created it must have not finished it. As you continue to drive down the road in this game,it  seems to have no ending.

Most racing games have a finish line at the end when you are close to being finished. Instead of this game having a finish line at the end,there is nothing there but a gate blocking the car from getting passed. This game lacks a graphic design knowledge. Whoever decided to create this game, must have not finished this game or decided to make the players lose their minds. If I were someone that was determined to play this game and eventually finish it, I would lose my sanity looking for the finish line.

Below is screenshot  of my vehicle that I took while getting rather upset about the end results. I was trying to drive around to look for a finish line. I decided to spend most of my time looking for this finish line that was never there to begin with. As stated previously , this is something that would cause any other player to become discouraged and to never play any type of game that has the same display. Not having a finish line is  something that should have been mentions in some sort of directions or some type of warning stating that there is no finish line. If this was mentioned prior to playing this game then I would not be as upset. In fact, I would have been more understanding and perhaps just decided not to even bother playing or wasting my time playing a game with no happy ending.  I looked at this as a slap in the face by whoever played this game. Its almost as if the creator wanted us to waste our time looking for something that is not there.

trying to find the finish line

Having an ending such as the one that this game provides could be rather discouraging to those that decided to give this game a chance. It is also not a good look for whoever created this game to have this type of ending. This will make people want to know who specifically made this game just so they know not to buy any of their games when they are searching for a new one to play.

This game consists of nothing but weak mechanics. It does not seem to be any type of challenging aspect behind playing this game. This game is overall weak and does not require any type of thinking. Once you see the platform of this game,it becomes obvious that you use to arrows to maneuver your way around the game. Whoever decided to create this game should go back and give it some updates.

While playing this game I can see the potential that this game has. With a few tweaks being put into it would make this game be more enjoyable. As I was trying to play this game, I had numerous amounts of concerns. I was worried about allowing this game to be launched on my laptop. When I first loaded the game up, I noticed that it slowed down my computer tremendously. With every web browser I tried to use ,I received the same results.  This game appears to have some bugs that need to be taken care of.

When something you try to do slows down your computer, it then makes you never want to open up whatever website you are trying to get a hold of. Nowadays playing games on a computer is something that a lot of people do not wish to do. Playing games on a computer is something that has not been done a lot as of late,but it something that everyone use to do back in the day. Having video games played on the computer is something that everyone use to do for entertainment and some sort of social gatherings.

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