Media Effects

Playing video games has always been a controversial topic lately within modern society. Just like everything in life, playing video games has its pros and cons. After being able to look at other studies, I was able to have a more educated viewpoint as to what video games can do to a human being.

Watching television nowadays , you are never sure if you are watching events that are true or false. The president that we have in office does not help the situation what so ever with determining whether or not  what is accurate. For instance, in Cizzilla’s article , Trump states that he invented fake news. He feels as though now that he is the Commander Chief of the United States that anything he says is actual truthful news. Trump also feels as though whatever any other actual news source releases some type of news that it is false. This is what creates confusion for the audience. You are unable to become educated when you are being told many different things about what is going on within your own community.

Many people are afraid to even watch the news. There is already enough confusion created with today’s generation due to the amount of ways you are able to get news. The multiple “news sources” are either reliable through an accurate source or are false through the word of mouth through social media. Social media has become corrupted with the way it has been used. It has lost its purpose for what it actually has been met to be used for. Instead using social media in a way to keep up with each others lives, users have found a way to involve reality of sensitive topics. People receive news through the word of mouth which creates a lot of tense temporary confusion. That tense temporary confusion creates a cycle within all of the users followers. Once the followers see what was posted through the word of mouth, the followers of this user will eventually see that news and begin to share with other followers. This makes whatever is being said on the news seem as though it is all nothing but a lie. A simple action such as that creates a divide of knowledge within modern society. Despite false news being spread through social media, it benefits others careers.

The advantage of spreading news through social media is advertisement. The world is connected through social media. Having an online business or a business in general requires the need for promotion. The best way to promote a business is through the use of social media.For instance,Whitler states”According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.”(Why Word of….). A message on a social media outlet has the potential to reach people in multiple parts of the world quickly and, relatively, cheaply. Another advantage is the ability to reach specific audiences. When advertising on traditional mediums, such as television or radio, a message is more likely to be seen by an unintended audience and it cant reach a a very wide variety of people.

Another advantage to using social media to spread news is the ability to spread it without having a message being restricted. Traditional media outlets are restrictive about what they allow. Most television outlets or radio stations are heavily monitored for content. social media allows the messages to be unencumbered by censoring. this advantage to social media is seen in, even the most professional, areas. The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, uses Twitter because he can freely get his message across without anything impeding his attempts to get it out. Donald Trump would, otherwise, have to call a press briefing or go onto a television channel, which all takes time and a lot of effort. Since Trump has been in office it seems as though more lies has been released as to what is really happening in this nation that personally impacts us as citizen.

The negative perspective of media that will make or break us  is the fact that each thing that goes wrong gets  exposed. For instance, the election that previously passed was found to be connected with Russia. Americans were told that Russia played a huge part within this previous election. This has caused people to believe that the government is a work. According to Gold,”The Department of Homeland Security contacted election officials in 21 states Friday to notify them that they had been targeted by Russian government hackers during the 2016 election campaign.”(DHS Tells States…). Almost a quarter of the nation was affected by this critical event. To this day we as a nation  still suffer from the consequences from this illegal event.




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