Game studies is a growing interdisciplinary field within academia, which combines elements from education, mass communication, cultural studies, computer science, psychology, sociology, and more. The video game industry is growing bigger and stronger every year. GamesĀ  are more than idle entertainment. They can educate, inform, persuade, and challenge societal conventions.

Game studies is needed to inform students, industry, and consumers about how games function in society and what effects they have.

In Fall 2016, students from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania enrolled in MASSCOMM 420: Video Game Analysis and Criticism. This blog is home to their writings and multimedia analyzing and critiquing video games from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The purpose of this blog is to help us better understand how games are designed, how specific design choices affect gameplay, and how culture influences our views on games.

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If you have any questions about this project, please contact the student authors directly, or email Professor Dennis Frohlich at dfrohlic@bloomu.edu